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Member Curriculum

4-Week Curriculum

On top of having the opportunity to create change in the world, our members also receive training to sharpen their business skills through our 4-week curriculum. Led by experienced and knowledgeable UT students, faculty members, and alumni, this curriculum is focused on the academic and professional development of our members.  

Week 1.

Entrepreneurship, Startup, & Design Thinking Crash Course

Week 2.

Finance and Accounting Crash Course

Week 3.

Financial Modeling Crash Course

Week 4.

Project assignments and getting started with the business!

Project Development Process

Each of our Projects start with a simple idea and goal to create social change. With the commitment and drive of our team members, these ideas develop into powerful projects that can eventually be presented at a national and even global stage at competition. 


Projects are born through the process of brainstorming and empathizing with a group of people facing a problem.


We use design thinking to develop ideas into business plans and to valuate potential it has to tackle a social challenge.


Business proposals are implemented through various partnerships and a Go-to-Market strategy.


Teams prepare a presentation and compete with other projects and schools at Enactus Nationals and World Cup.