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Rainewable is a rainwater catchment system that allows for the collection and consumption of safe drinking water for communities in rural Nicaragua. According to a 2017 UNICEF/WHO report, only 29% of rural Nicaragua had access to clean drinking water, forcing about 1.74 million people to consume water infected with pathogens and animal defecation. Children often become sick from drinking and bathing in this water, and therefore are forced to miss school. In addition, girls more often than boys are tasked with the chore of fetching water from streams up to half a mile away from their homes, 3-4 times a day. This disproportionately affects girls' education and their ability to learn as well. The key to solving this problem? Access to clean water.


Through partnering with non-profit organization Project Schoolhouse, engineers, and local members of Rio Blanco, our goal is to provide clean water to those living in these communities to allow children to attend school more regularly. Through the dedicated efforts of our team members and the support of faculty and business advisors, Rainewable has gained over $30,000 in funding. Currently, we are in the planning process for building a prototype of the rainwater catchment system on UT campus. 

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Our Team

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Good Health and Well Being

  • Rainewable aims to eliminate reliance on unsafe water sources, which will directly impact the health and quality of life in these communities.

Quality Education

  • Our solution will increase the ability of children to attend school and receive a stable education.

Gender Equality

  • The challenge of water access disproportionately harms young girls, who are sent more often than boys to get water for their families. Our water system would even the field and allow girls to attend school at the same rate as boys. 

Clean Water and Sanitation

  • By empowering rural communities to participate in improving their water supply and making access to clean water equitable to all.

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