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PAST Projects

These are projects that were initiated in the past and are not actively being worked on at the moment. However, any of these projects can be re-established and serve as the foundation or inspiration for new projects in the future.  

Sprout Scouts.

Began in 2015, Sprout Scouts was a nutritional initiative to target food deserts for families in East Austin. We sought to work towards a healthier world by beginning first with our community—through an entrepreneurial spirit and active collaboration with farmers markets, we strove to promote nutrition awareness and provide easily-accessible produce those in need. Sprout Scouts featured an after-school program that taught nutritional literacy, as well as farm stands in the student pick-up area in schools to provide access to fresh, healthy, and accessible produce. This allowed families to decrease their reliance on fast food and other unhealthy food options and build better eating habits. The desired outcomes were reduced disease related to diet, fewer school absences, and better grades for students as a result.   

Students for WEMA. 

Students for WEMA was built on the goal of establishing sustainable funding ventures for the WEMA Children’s Center and Orphanage in Bukembe, Kenya. Amidst the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the resulting electoral violence, many children were abandoned and some forced to resort to illegal businesses, such as the rampant sex trade, to support themselves. Students for WEMA sought to work against this trend by building a sustainable source of income for children at the Orphanage and creating a business curriculum to teach the villagers how to own and operate a sustainable business. More specifically, this project saw the establishment of the WEMA Bakery, creating viable jobs for 6-10 young women in Bukembe. The Bakery sold an average of 500 loaves of bread per day and generated an annual profit of about $15,250, which was enough to fund the building of a dormitory in the Children's Center. To realize the goal of providing a better future for children in Kenya, the Enactus team raised over $45,000 in funding for the Students of WEMA project. 


Driven aimed to solve a problem right in our Austin community: homelessness. With Driven, a team of about seven Enactus members worked to connect employers in the Austin area to those affected by homelessness. Through our resources, we were able to rehabilitate and conduct over 70 micro-jobs to generate work experience for around five hard-working community members who had fallen victim to circumstance. This project identified the needs of the homeless in Austin and the needs of local businesses and connected them through job opportunities to build trust, generate income, and most importantly, a pathway to a new lifestyle for homeless individuals. 

Driven 1.jpg
Driven 2.tif


Idhant is a nonprofit organization based in Pune, India that works towards the educational empowerment of underprivileged children in and around Pune. Texas Enactus has partnered with Idhant to improve the overall process of acquiring and maintaining volunteers, developing a curriculum for the students, and creating positive change in the health and education of the children. Texas Enactus is working to conduct an analysis of the current state of Idhant's processes and a deep audit of the non-profit as a whole. We will then develop a strategy to encourage more consistent attendance by students and volunteers. 

In India, there is a particular need for accessible education. Most children are unable to and are even discouraged from pursuing their education after primary school in order to help their families meet ends by entering the work force.  

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