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cherryish yourself + consensual (cy+c)

cherryish yourself (pronounced cherish yourself) is a streetwear fashion brand with a mission to advocate for sexual assault awareness and uplift survivors. Currently, sexual harassment, assault, and abuse are topics that are brought up in serious settings like onboarding for a new job, or in the aftermath of a traumatic event. By being a bold, fashionable brand, cherryish yourself creates products such as shirts and stickers that make sexual assault approachable to talk about and “cool” to be an advocate against.


cherryish yourself and its sister nonprofit are safe communities for survivors to speak about their sexual assault experiences, and for non-survivors to become allies by learning how to best support survivors and to educate themselves about sexual assault. It is inclusive of all genders, including “untraditional” and often silenced male and queer survivors.


With its emphasis on self care, cherryish yourself makes loving yourself after assault less scary and more beautiful and revitalizing. Working with its sister nonprofit, cherryish yourself hopes to help survivors receive free photoshoots in celebration of their journey with self love.

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